Important questions- Social Science- Class X- CBSE (Practice questions)

Posted: July 8, 2008 in Social Science
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1. Name two island groups of India. Mention one feature of each island group. 1+1=2


2. “Intimate connections with nature and season can be seen in our music.” Give

two examples to support this statement. 1+1=2


3. Define the term ‘Human-made (cultural) Resources’. Give two examples of

these resources. 1+1=2


4. What is a multipurpose project ? Mention any two purposes served by a

multipurpose project. 1+1=2


5. State any four salient features of ‘National Highways’. 4×1/2=2


6. Why is it necessary to conserve our natural resources ? Give two reasons. 2×1=2


7. Explain any two human activities responsible for land degradation. 2×1=2




8. Explain two reasons for having high percentage of forest cover in North-Eastern

States of India.


9. State any two problems that forced India after 1991 to undertake New

Economic Policy. 2


10. State two beneficial and two harmful effects of W.T.O. (World Trade

Organization) on Indian economy. 1/2×4=2


11. Mention two features of capitalist economy. 1+1=2


12. “Problem of resource allocation in mixed economy is effectively solved

through market forces and planning process.” Give two facts to support this

statement. 2


13. “A moderate and gradual rise in price for all the goods is considered good for

any country.” Do you agree with this view ? Give two arguments to support

your answer. 2


14. Classify different types of Indian musical instruments into three main groups

and give one example from each group. 3+1=4


15. “Literary tradition of India is very old and rich.” Explain this statement giving

four examples. 4


What is a Stupa ? Explain the historical importance of Sanchi Stupa. 4


16. Explain the importance of ‘Radio’ and ‘Television’ as effective means of mass

communication in our country. 2+2=4



17. Explain three strategies adopted by the government to protect the interest of

consumers with reference to Consumer Protection Act of 1986. 4


18. What is meant by cross border terrorism ? Give its main characteristics. 4


20. Explain the measures taken by the Government of India after 1947 for the

protection of natural heritage of India. 6

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  1. P.AKASH says:

    i want question and ansere for cbse subject from x standard social science

  2. ATUL says:


  3. It’s very helping ang very practising one. Please provide Some important questions for Science and Computers also on this site, Because that will be more helpful to the students.

  4. Adarsh Fogawat says:

    These are very helpful for the preparation of the main exam. Please publish the marks distribution for the main exam of class X.

  5. Gitanjali says:

    Hi students,

    Great to see that you are making optimum use of these practice questions to aid in preparation of board exams.

    There is a post on Marks distribution in this blog. Pls have a look.

    Also as I am a teacher of Social Science, this is my strength area and I can help you on this. regarding other subject question, I accept this suggestion and will work on htis in some time.

    Thanks a lot for such overwhelming response.

    All the best ! keep working hard…

  6. SHEENA BORKAR says:

    it is an excellent blog.. the questions are all very good.. but plz do provide us with the solutions to these questions as well, so that we can judge ourselves..

  7. Deepali says:

    please provide me with all the answers of the above questions please please its urgent and please send immediately please please………

  8. vishnu says:

    need answers also!!!!!!But still it’s very useful

  9. sana says:

    need answers too.try to update for 2010-2011 also.
    it will be more helpful.

  10. shubham says:

    these question are not enough for even pass so i want more question

  11. sahitha says:

    it is fine. but what is the use without the answers. at least key is required.

  12. Yashveer singh says:

    Important q

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