CBSE- Class 10- Question Bank – Democratic Politics

Posted: November 11, 2008 in Democratic Politics, Social Science
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Here are few questions covering all the chapter, that will help you gauge your preparations for CBSE, Board exams. Democratic politics is a scoring subject……All the best!!!

1. Who are pressure groups? what role do they play in popular struggles?

2. Hve we realized the ideal of self government. Explain?

3. Is India a federal country. Justfiy your answer.

4. How can we solve the problem of Women political representation in India?

5. Why is caste Hiearchy breaking down in modern times?

6. Why is power sharing desirable. Give two reasons

7. Throw some light on the rise of regional politics and the new trends.

8. How can political expression of social divisions be normal in a democracy?

9. In what ways do women in India face disadvantage?

10 Compare and conclude the popular struggles of Nepal and Bolivia?

All these 10 questions are long type. Answer accordingly. For any further clarification leave a comment

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