Social Science- CBSE- Class X- History- Age of Industrialization (Practice questions)

Posted: July 4, 2008 in History

1.   What do you understand by “Proto Industrialization”?
2.   In which year did the earliest factories of England come up?
3.   Fill in the blanks—— In 1760 Britain was importing 2.5 million pounds of raw cotton and by 1787 this import soared to_____________
4.   Name a few inventions in the 18th Century that increased the efficiency of production process.
5.   Who created the first cotton mill?
6.   What were the two most dynamic industries of Britain in the initial years of industrialization?
7.   By 1873 Britain was exporting iron and steel worth about ________________?
8.   Explain in detail the following statement——–“New industries could not easily displace traditional industries”.
9.   What do you understand by pace of industrial change in 19th century. Explain.
10. What were the problems of life of workers in the age of industrialization?
11.  What was the problem of seasonality of work? How did it affect the common workers?
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